"Research is creating new knowledge."

- Neil Armstrong


Using research we develop organisational and marketing strategies to encourage business success.

Successful strategy is based on a deep understanding of how employees, clients and potential clients feel about an organisation and its market. Research can deliver insight and understanding and help organisations objectively assess their current state.

Illuminate+ provides a broad range of research services to enable organisations to understand how different stakeholder groups see them. That doesn't mean we focus on providing clients with volumes of useless data; it means we deliver meaningful insight that can be used to improve performance and develop strategy.

To achieve this, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques that deliver employee and customer insight.

Our research services include:

  1. B2B Indepth Client Interviews
    Conducting interviews with your existing and potential clients provides an indepth understanding of what's important to them, how they perceive you, how you perform compared to your competitors, what you can improve on and exploration of alternative strategies for differentiation.
  2. Employee Focus Groups
    Group facilitation of focus groups within your workforce provides insight into how people feel about working in your organisation, what the issues are and what can be improved.
  3. Employee Engagement Surveys
    Allow you to measure the drivers of engagement. Our proprietary approach will enable you to understand the factors driving engagement and disengagement at a departmental and an organisation level. Studies can be repeated intermittently to track and monitor change.
  4. Brand Tracking and Customer Satisfaction
    We measure the performance of your brand over time to understand trends in the eyes of existing and potential customers.
  5. Competitor Reviews
    Desk based reviews reveal how your competitors have positioned themselves in the marketplace and provide valuable input into your strategy.

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